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Celebrate Excellent Care

Celebrating Dr. Katz's Retirement

Dr. Mayer Katz Retires

After decades of saving lives as a vascular surgeon – 28 years at Beebe – Dr. Mayer Katz has retired (effective May 1, 2018). Beebe Healthcare is proud to recognize Dr. Katz’s many contributions to the healthcare system and the community.

Below are a few notes of thanks and congratulations from his patients.

  • You affected so many people by the meaningful work you have been doing throughout the years, so when I wish you luck, I am actually wishing many people an improved life.
  • From your three “A’s”-Availability, Affability and Ability – Thank you for your work!
  • Enjoy your retirement! You have certainly made a difference in many lives.
  • Thanks for saving me!
  • Enjoy your retirement; You’ve earned it!
  • One of the best Doctors I’ve ever had!
  • Thank you very much for taking great care of my father. Enjoy your retirement!
  • Thank you for twenty years of care. I wish you time now to read all the books books you want to read!
  • Thank You. Not only for your military service, but also for your years of service to your patients. XO
  • May your retirement be as wonderful as you made mine when you saved me in 2001.
  • It has been a great pleasure to know you. Thank you for taking time to know me as more than just a patient. Thank you for caring so much.