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What to Expect at a Vein Consultation


Beebe vascular surgeons with Beebe Vein Center can personalize your treatment for your best experience.You've been feeling leg pain and even fatigue in your legs for some time. However, you've never had your veins checked out.

Beebe vein specialists at Beebe Vascular offer vein consultations, which allow you to have your veins scanned and learn about issues that may be causing you pain. 

Call to schedule your consultationt: (302) 703-9300.


Meet the Vein Center Team

At Beebe Vein Center, vascular surgeons work with vein specialists who provide valuable education about your vascular or circulatory system.

During a vein consultation, trained vascular specialists will discuss the basics of vein health and will provide education on the issues that can occur because of vascular disease or venous insufficiency (decreased blood circulation).


Learn About Your Vein Health

During your appointment, you will likely have an ultrasound of your veins.

The results will be shared with you following your ultrasound so you have an idea of any issues that might have been found. If there are areas of concern, your vein specialist will discuss treatment options.

The next step is up to you. If you are not ready to have surgery or a vein procedure, your vein specialist will discuss non-surgical options such as wearing compression stockings, walking more regularly, and reducing salt in your diet.

The vein specialists work with you every step of the way. They are your partners in your health journey.

Each of the vascular surgeons is available to answer all of your questions both during your visit and at any time after your visit that you may have questions.


Call today to schedule your vein consultation: (302) 703-9300.