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We Are So Thankful!

We Are So Thankful!

By: Jeffrey M. Fried, president and CEO of Beebe Healthcare

The holidays are a time for all of us to reflect upon what is most important to us, and why we feel so blessed and thankful for the family and friends who are in our lives. It’s no different for all of us at Beebe Healthcare as we look back to thank all the people who have helped to make Beebe Healthcare what it is today.

First, we thank our community for the confidence you have shown in us by choosing Beebe Healthcare for your healthcare needs. We know that you have choices when it comes to picking a doctor or finding a hospital or figuring out where you want to go for certain tests, procedures and services.

Second, we thank our doctors, nurses, and others who are part of our care team and who do such a wonderful job of caring for our community, our neighbors and our patients. We have always said that our people are our most important asset. While there are other organizations that offer the same programs and services that we offer, we believe the differentiating factor is the care, concern and compassion that you get when you choose Beebe Healthcare.

Lastly, we can’t let this opportunity to express our thanks go by without thanking the many, many people who have so generously contributed to Beebe Healthcare and have enabled us to provide services that we would otherwise find difficult to do.

Each year, we spend more than $20 million in capital to maintain and replenish our current programs and facilities, as well as bring new technologies and services to our community. Many of these expenditures have been made possible by the generosity of our community, and their desire to help keep Beebe Healthcare at the forefront of technology and medical advances. While I could go on for pages and pages, and tell you about how the community’s generosity has made a difference in what we do at Beebe Healthcare, I won’t do that. However, I do want to share with you some of the notable expenditures we have made, with your support and commitment:

The Margaret H. Rollins School of Nursing has allowed us to maintain an outstanding school of nursing in our very own community. The expansion has not only enabled us to increase our class size from 30 to eventually 45 students each year, but to also offer our students the latest in learning advancements and technology. You can be sure that when someone graduates from our school, they are well prepared to care for you, whether you need our care to help you recover from an illness or to maintain your good health.

The 3D mammography units, which we have positioned at our health campus locations in Millville, Georgetown and Rehoboth. These units are the most accurate diagnostic tool available to detect breast cancers, and not only can identify cancers at an earlier stage, but can help our radiologists determine which lesions are not cancerous and can therefore avoid additional costly testing and anxiety.

Our navigational bronchoscopy equipment allows our physicians to locate lung cancers at an earlier stage, and remove them from difficult locations in the lung, to give our patients a much better chance of surviving an otherwise difficult diagnosis.

Our hyperbaric chambers give our wound care team another tool to help them heal wounds that may have resisted other types of interventions, so they can more quickly and effectively return our patients to a normal quality of life.

These investments in our community are necessary to ensure that Beebe Healthcare continues to offer the latest treatments and interventions. Whether it is ensuring that we provide excellent healthcare, or focusing on maintaining your good health, your contributions enable us to remain true to our mission. While James and Richard Beebe probably wouldn’t recognize much of what we do in the hospital they founded more than 100 years ago, they would recognize the care, the compassion, and the desire to treat everyone like they were family. Which brings us all back to what’s most important to us and what we are so thankful for, particularly this time of year – family.

Thank you for everything you do to support Beebe Healthcare and the wonderful people here who care for our community.

As a community-based, not-for-profit healthcare system, Beebe Healthcare depends on the generous support of individuals, corporations, businesses, and private foundations. All gifts to Beebe Healthcare, large or small, are tax-deductible and are channeled through Beebe Medical Foundation. Please consider making a gift today. To make your proud personal donation go online to or contact the Beebe Medical Foundation at 302-644-2900 or write to [email protected].