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Beebe Invests in Savi SCOUT® to Streamline Identification and Removal of Breast Tumors

Beebe Healthcare is committed to investing in the latest, most innovative tools and technologies to optimize clinical outcomes for its patients. The healthcare system recently introduced Savi SCOUT®, which is positively impacting the patient experience for many, and especially those who require surgery for removal of a tumor in the Beebe Center for Breast Health. 

Once a tumor is detected in a woman’s breast, Savi SCOUT provides a wire-free radar localization option. A tiny reflector device is placed into the breast any time prior to the patient’s scheduled surgery. In the operating room, the surgeon locates the device by directing radiation-free radar signals at the reflector. It clearly identifies the best pathway to the tumor during surgery, so it can be removed while conserving breast tissue.

Savi SCOUT provides an alternative to wire localization for the removal of breast tumors. During wire localization, a hooked wire is inserted into the breast to mark the location of a tumor, with one end protruding out of the breast. It can cause discomfort and requires that the patient restrict movement in the time between when the wire is inserted and when the surgery takes place. Wire localizations are placed on the day of surgery, which tends to be less convenient for the patient and makes the process of care longer on the day of the procedure.

Dr. Diana Dickson-Witmer
Diana Dickson-Witmer, MD

“In addition to increasing patient comfort, Savi SCOUT allows us to streamline the process of care for patients because it eliminates the need to perform wire localization on surgery day,” said Diana Dickson-Witmer, MD, medical director of the Beebe Center for Breast Health. “Use of the Savi SCOUT reduces the amount of time the patient must spend at the hospital on the day of surgery. This a welcome improvement both patients as well as family members who accompany them.”

Beebe introduced Savi SCOUT in its hospital-based Breast Center in November 2021 and utilized it for approximately 25 patient cases, including segmental mastectomies and excisional biopsies, through the end of calendar year 2021.