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‘Charlie’s Challenge’ Raises More Than $31,000 for Beebe Healthcare

Charlie's Challenge presents a donation to Beebe

Last summer, Charlie Walter, 8, reached out to Beebe Medical Foundation with a $646 donation in memory of his late father, Donald Walter, who passed away in 2020 of renal failure. He had collected donations from friends, family, and even saved “tooth fairy” money to memorialize his father. He chose to donate to Beebe because he had so many wonderful memories of the doctors and nurses at Beebe caring for his father.

“When this story was shared on social media, we had people in the community reach out to match his gift,” said Tom Protack, President of Beebe Medical Foundation. “From there, ‘Charlie’s Challenge’ was born. Over 100 Beebe supporters and team members stepped up to match his efforts at all different levels.”

And last Tuesday before Father’s Day, Beebe returned the favor. The Beebe Medical Foundation invited Charlie and his family to the Sunshine Café on the Margaret H. Rollins Lewes Campus to reveal how much had been raised.

The campaign itself raised $15,500 at its conclusion on June 1. Officials announced the total of $15,500 but also announced another surprise: a matching donation from Chesapeake Utilities. Bringing the total amount raised to $31,000.

Charlie’s Challenge will continue on if members if the community would like to match this wonderful donation.

“Thank you to Charlie, Chesapeake Utilities, and all other Beebe Believers,” said David A. Tam, MD, MBA, CPHE, FACHE, President & CEO, Beebe Healthcare. “I think about many things when I hear this story – paying things forward, the power of love. I think about my Dad and how much I miss him daily. And I think about Charlie and his great capacity to remember and honor his Dad and turn grief into a desire to help others. Thanks, Charlie, for more than your generously support of Beebe Healthcare. Thank you for your gift to all of us with the reminder of the power of love between a father and his kids.”

PHOTO CAPTION:  Sharing in the success of “Charlie’s Challenge” are Dave Detrick (Chesapeake Utilities), Diane Walter (Charlie’s grandmother), Melissa Stamper (Chesapeake Utilities), Charlie Walter, Mary Veenema (Charlie’s mother), Ayva Veenema (Charlie’s sister), Ray Veenema (Charlie’s step dad), Dr. David Tam, President & CEO of Beebe Healthcare, Tom Protack, President of Beebe Medical Foundation.