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“If I knew then, what I know now...”

Don’t eat that extra slice of pizza. Stay away from beer and cigarettes. Turn off the TV and take a walk outside. Call family and friends more often. Remember that work isn’t everything. If you could go back in time, what advice would you give your younger self to improve your health and wellbeing down the road? Visit us on facebook to hear stories from men In the community, and share your own thoughts!

Why Men Avoid the Doc

If you are, or know, a man that’s been putting off that yearly physical for nearly a decade, remember that health applies to all—so set aside the excuses and take the first step toward routine checkups by scheduling an appointment with a local physician. Find a primary care doctor on our provider database or call (302) 645-3332 for a list of accepting physicians close to you!

Dad's Dish - Planning for Health

Dr. Farrell and family preparing dinner.

Whether Dad is the primary cook or the whole family takes part, be sure to plan meals for health. Dr. Joe Farrell, orthopaedic surgeon with Premier Bone & Joint, affiliated with Beebe, wants to teach his daughters what it looks like to eat healthy portions and a balanced, nutritious meal when they sit down at the dinner table. One way they’ve found to help make this happen is by getting the girls involved in the meal prep process. “If the girls help stir the eggs or mashed potatoes, or help set the silverware, they’re much more likely to take part in eating the food.”

Click here for healthy recipes to try at home!

Parenthood + Joint Pain Don’t Mix
If you’re struggling to keep up with kids around the house or complete everyday activities like laundry or climbing the stairs because of joint pain, it may be time for you to consider surgery. Minimally invasive orthopaedic surgery is available to help restore your mobility and get you back into action. This means smaller incisions, more accuracy, and a shorter recovery time—which your entire family will appreciate.
If any of the following apply to you, it may be best to talk to your doctor about surgery:
  • Consistent loss of motion.
  • Can’t place weight on the joint or move it around without pain.
  • You hear popping and feel movement when you use that joint.
Beebe is proud to offer the latest in minimally invasive orthopaedic surgery.
For more information on orthopaedics at Beebe, call our orthopaedic nurse navigator, Carrie Snyder, at (844) 316-3332 or email her via the form at right.

The Big V

A vasectomy is the most reliable form of birth control. It eliminates the need for any other form of birth control and removes the stress of unwanted pregnancy—and nearly everyone is eligible for this procedure, unless you have a history of a bleeding disorder. Find out more: Vasectomies - What You Need to Know.

A, B, Cs of Skin Care

Dr. Daniel Cuozzo, dermatologist

DID YOU KNOW? Delaware has the third-highest incidence rate of melanoma in the United States?
Daniel Cuozzo, DO, FAAD, a dermatologist with Beebe Center for Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery works with patients regularly to treat and prevent skin cancer. READ TOM'S STORY.