Beebe Healthcare Physical Rehabilitation

The Beebe Healthcare Physical Rehabilitation Services team is dedicated to helping you achieve a safe and speedy return to pain-free, productive independence through physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech/language pathology. We help you get back on your feet and back on the job in a comfortable, positive environment. To schedule, call (302) 645-3933.




Physical Therapy

Beebe physical therapists offer personalized, positive healing programs. Physical therapy is a key part of Beebe's continuum of care. We help you to regain mobility and freedom, so you are able to enjoy the highest quality of life possible. Under the skilled guidance of our expert, experienced physical therapists we help restore your abilities to the fullest extent achievable. 

Find out About Dry Needling

We offer a full range of physical therapy services for:

  • Joint replacements
  • Lower back pain
  • Stroke rehabilitation
  • Neurological disorders
  • Dizziness/ vertigo
  • Parkinson’s
  • Cervical pain and headache
  • Arthritis
  • Dry Needling and Cupping
  • Pediatric Physical Therapy
  • Rotator cuff dysfunction
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Functional mobility therapy
  • Treatment for lymphedema

In addition, Beebe Healthcare utilizes specialized Med-X equipment, which has been proven to improve core strength and, when used as part of a treatment program, to reduce back pain. Beebe HealthyBack is a program launched at Beebe that focuses on strengthening exercises to reduce back pain. Treatment sessions are offered at our Georgetown and Rehoboth Beach locations with specially trained physical therapy teams. If you are interested in joining the program, talk to your physician about referring you to Beebe Physical Rehabilitation Services.


Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps patients return to their independent lives. Occupational therapy is a task-oriented therapy that helps to restore your ability to perform the functions necessary for daily living, including personal self-care and homemaking, as well work and leisure activities. Treatment is focused on rehabilitation of the problem and prevention of further injury or deformity.  What is the difference between PT and OT?

Many patients may have trouble dressing themselves, holding a pen, or getting in and out of a vehicle. This is where our skilled occupational therapists come in. Beebe's OTs will give you the skills you need for living. Treatment plans are individualized, each patient is evaluated and home visits are made, assessments of skills are done, and family members are included in the discussion of the best outcomes for the client. 

Occupational therapists are skilled professionals who have studied human growth and development with specific emphasis on the social, emotional and physiological effects of illness and injury.

Services include:

  • Hand therapy for traumatic and post-traumatic injuries as well as surgical repairs
  • Treatment for lymphedema
  • Ergonomic assessment and treatment
  • Splinting programs for joint protection, recovery from injury, increased motor function
  • Functional cognitive treatment
  • Therapy for neurological disorders (stroke,TBI, Parkinson’s, MS, SCI)
  • Therapeutic approach for upper extremity orthopaedic and nerve impairments
  • Driving program in conjunction with Moss Rehabilitation

Beebe's Occupational Therapy team works with AAA, AARP, and the American Occupational Therapy Association to provide information on CarFIT to make sure senior drivers fit well into their cars and are driving safely. Download the informational flyer to learn more.

Products recommended by Beebe OT:

Stroke patients are evaluated with one of the latest advances in stroke therapy, the Saebo Flex Orthosis®. This device enables you to begin using your hand sooner after a stroke, and it also assists in strengthening the rest of the involved upper extremity.


Speech & Language Pathology

Speech and swallowing difficulties often result from stroke, illness or injury. Speech therapy may also be required where cognitive or memory disturbances impair the patient's former speaking abilities.

Patients are evaluated and a treatment plan is developed incorporating a variety of oral motor, articulation, swallowing and language activities. Areas of evaluation and treatment include:

  • Aphasia, apraxia and dysarthria treatment for stroke patients
  • Voice evaluation and treatment for vocal nodules, chronic laryngitis, vocal cord dysfunction and other voice impairments
  • Lee Silverman Voice Therapy® to increase voice loudness for Parkinson's patients
  • Cognitive and memory treatment
  • Alaryngeal speech including replacement of voice prostheses
  • Articulation and language therapy for children
  • Vital stimulation — a unique intervention for swallowing difficulties
  • Modified barium swallow studies

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