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Celebrate Excellent Care

Excellent care and comfort at Beebe’s Center for Breast Health

By Sean Flanigan

Abbe Barbato, center, visits Beebe’s new Specialty Surgical Hospital near Rehoboth to express her gratitude to Dr. Diana Dickson-Witmer, right. With them is Sean Flanigan, Beebe Medical Foundation gift officer.

Earlier this year, Abbe Barbato and her husband Steve had the opportunity to hear Diana Dickson-Witmer, MD, speak at a community event regarding Beebe Healthcare’s Center for Breast Health. They were both very impressed. Abbe never anticipated, however, that the results of her own breast biopsy would soon lead her directly to Dr. Dickson-Witmer’s office.

Abbe’s diagnosis was ductal carcinoma. Her overall prognosis was good for the long term. First steps were to confer with Dickson-Witmer to target the area and further define it by having an MRI-guided biopsy.

From there, Abbe and Dickson-Witmer could decide on the next steps regarding surgery, radiation and possible chemotherapy treatments. It was clear to them then and during their visit with Dickson-Witmer that they were in good hands.   

“Dr. Dickson-Witmer has many years of experience in this field,” said Abbe. “She possesses the talent of an excellent breast treatment doctor. The knowledge Dr. Dickson-Witmer has created a comfort level that was very reassuring. Throughout the treatment, she was very gentle, and the team clearly and succinctly explained the diagnosis and our options. The entire team from the office staff to the nurses were all positive people and made you feel as if you were their only concern.”

Abbe said she is truly grateful for the care she received at both Beebe’s Tunnell Cancer Center and the South Coastal Cancer Center.

“The greeters, staff, medication oncologist, radiation oncologist, nurses, technicians all worked so well together,” she said. “It is hard to be able to name them all.”

Abbe said she feels blessed with her diagnosis and she believes that, with her treatment plan, she is on her way to be a cancer survivor. She is excited to participate in the Dewey Goes Pink event set for Saturday, Oct. 8, and she intends to support the upcoming growth of the Beebe Center for Breast Health through her giving to the Beebe Medical Foundation.