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Celebrate Excellent Care

Thank you for your support and gift to Beebe

Caption: Tom Protack is joined by RNs Jamie Dickerson, Director of Patient Care Services, Loretta Ostroski, VP of Inpatient Nursing and Emergency Services, Tara Cooper, Director of Critical Care Services, Laura Tolson, NP, ENIT Nurse Manager. 

By Thomas J. Protack, President of Beebe Medical Foundation

The holidays are full of stories, songs, and movies depicting travelers coming from near and afar bringing gifts. Some of the most famous gift bearers are the 3 Kings or wisemen, the little drummer boy, those bearing oils for lamps, and of course Santa Claus! The main ingredients in each of these holiday stories is love, gratitude, and joy.

Each of us this holiday season will also celebrate our own story. We will journey, near or afar, to visit loved ones and friends to celebrate quality time with one another. Each of us will bring that special gift that reflects our love and gratitude and captures the true essence of the uniqueness of the relationship with those whom we visit. We revel in the moment when our loved one or friend unwraps the gift we bring, and we patiently wait for the joy in their eyes to see it revealed! As we grow older and wiser, the best gifts we bring are not wrapped in beautiful bows but wrapped deep in our hearts. Our very presence at our holiday gatherings is the best present and brings the greatest joy!

Every year, I am also reminded that for many in our community, the actual holiday is a “workday.” I know for our team at Beebe Healthcare, many of our doctors, nurses, and staff spend the holidays separated from their loved ones to take care of us! The past three years of holidays have been strained due to the pandemic and our need to isolate from each other to keep safe. Our Beebe team members have sacrificed so much to bring our community the gifts of care to all of us when we need it the most, whether it was a planned or emergency visit. Our Beebe teams are ready for you, who come from near or afar, with the gifts of excellent healthcare, compassion, and big hearts to take care of everyone.

What will you bring when you visit us during the holidays at Beebe Healthcare or when we come to see you during a Home Care visit or our newest Mobile Health Clinic? As a part of Team Beebe, might I ask you to consider bringing the gifts of patience, kindness, understanding, and gratitude. Our Beebe heroes, who cared for us during a global pandemic and who to continue to care for Sussex County, deserve these gifts.

Every Tuesday in this newspaper, a grateful patient shares their story of excellent care and makes a proud, personal gift in honor of one or more Beebe team members. We realize that the some of the most impactful gifts are when you share your stories of excellent care, these stories fill the hearts of Beebe team members and empower them to continue delivering excellent and compassionate care.

This holiday season, now more than ever, our world and our community, need to reflect the same themes of love, gratitude and joy we hear about in our traditional holiday stories and songs. Beebe Healthcare is YOUR local community healthcare system and has been here for over 106 years of holidays! Thank you for your trust in us, your support and most of all for the gift YOU are to us!