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Beebe's orthopaedic surgeons provide excellent medical care with both surgical and nonsurgical treatments.

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Orthopaedic Services

People throughout Sussex County have regained their strength and mobility thanks to the care and treatment that Beebe’s Orthopaedic Services provides. Thousands of people are able to fully enjoy life with new hips and knees. 

Beebe's orthopaedic surgeons see patients in their offices and at the Medical Center in Lewes where they provide care and treatment. When certain surgeries are necessary, Beebe orthopaedic surgeons work with dedicated surgical teams at Beebe, as well as with orthopaedic nurses, physical and occupational therapists, case managers, and home health professionals well trained in getting patients back on their feet again. The James P. Marvel Jr., MD, Orthopaedic Unit at Beebe houses a host of equipment and technologies designed to improve recovery for the orthopaedic patient.

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For more information, call the Beebe Orthopaedic Services Nurse Navigator TOLL-FREE at (844) 316-3332.

Beebe utilizes advanced techniques in surgery to best treat all of our patients. Spine surgeons also use several different minimally invasive procedures to treat and repair spine problems and injuries. These surgical approaches usually mean that patients recover more quickly with less pain and are back on their feet sooner. Read about our awards and certifications.