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Advanced Care. Close to Home.

Whether your first child or your third, Beebe Women's and Children's Health is here to help guide you on your journey to motherhood. As a Baby-Friendly Hospital, Beebe strives to put the mother and baby first every step of the way. From our prenatal education classes to allowing skin-to-skin contact immediately following birth, Beebe aims to provide the highest quality care. Our team of OB/GYNs provide well-rounded prenatal care at women's health clinics so that both mother and baby are healthy.

Beebe Women's and Children's Health provides advanced care for babies 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our Neonatal Nurse Practitioners have advanced education and certification in diagnosing and treating illnesses and clinical expertise in neonatal and newborn care. During your birthing experience at Beebe Healthcare, a pediatrician, nursing team, and this dedicated team of neonatal nurse practitioners will care for your baby following delivery. They will provide immediate medical care and stabilization for sick newborns.

Due to COVID-19, only one healthy visitor is allowed to accompany mom into Labor & Delivery. Even with the extra precautions in place to keep you, your family, and our team safe, Beebe is still able to provide a comfortable and safe birthing experience. Upon arrival, everyone must wear a face covering.

Beebe Empowered Me During My Delivery

As a busy mom, Andrea Escamilla of Lewes understood what factors went into having a good experience as a labor and delivery patient. These factors included being heard, valued, and respected, while also feeling empowered to embrace and stick to her desired birth plan.

So, when it came time for Andrea to deliver her final child, she knew that she could depend on Beebe Healthcare to provide a superior experience centered on her and her baby’s wellbeing.

Meet the Team

Beebe is Baby-Friendly

Beebe is proud to have been re-designated as a Baby-Friendly™ Hospital, reflecting its commitment to the optimal level of care for infant feeding and mother-and-infant bonding. Beebe Healthcare was the first organization in Delaware to earn this prestigious international designation in 2013, and was re-designated in 2019.

Educational Classes

Due to COVID-19, classes are no longer being held in person. Breastfeeding support and prenatal classes are being held virtually through secure videoconferencing technology. To register or learn more, call 302-645-3577.

During your pregnancy, our prenatal classes help parents prepare for the big day. Our teaching approach is tailored to the individual, to enable you to design your own learning path. And when your baby is born, we make sure that the big day takes place just as you want it—from the birthing method to your family's role in delivery. The choice is all yours. What better way is there to welcome your child into the world?

Childbirth education classes are on hold at this time due to COVID-19.

This is an exciting time, but you might also feel anxious about the childbirth process. The Beebe Healthcare Women’s Health team is here for you. We want you to have the best birth experience possible, and we also want to provide you the information you need to know before coming to the Medical Center to give birth. Join us for our free childbirth education classes! During your pregnancy, our childbirth education classes for parents will help your prepare for the big day. And, when you come to Beebe to have your baby, you and your healthcare team will work together to create the best birthing experience for you! What better way is there to welcome your child into the world? To register for a class, for more information, or to set up a tour of Women's Health, call (302) 645-3726.

Due to COVID-19 in-person gatherings have changed. To learn about breastfeeding support for new mothers, call (302) 645-3577.

Julie Oswald is a Registered Nurse and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Prior to coming to Beebe she started the lactation program at Berkeley Medical Center in Martinsburg, West Virginia. She designed and promoted education and support plans that resulted in the hospital’s breastfeeding rate increasing to over 80% in a state with one of the lowest breastfeeding rates in the nation. She has served as a professional lactation resource for hospital physicians, mid-level providers, and nursing staff. Call 302-645-3577 to get support from Julie.

Additional Resources

Women's Health Topics

Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID)

Refers to the sudden and unexpected death of an infant younger than one year of age. This infographic goes over the definition of SUID, the racial/ethnic differences in SUID rates, risk factors for SUID and provides resources on reducing SUID and promoting safe sleep.

Zika Virus

The most serious threat linked to Zika is serious birth defects. While it generally presents as a mild illness, there have been reports of serious birth defects to infants whose mother contracted the virus while pregnant. Microcephaly is a condition in which a baby’s head is smaller than expected when compared to babies of the same sex and age, and other poor pregnancy outcomes in babies of mothers are now being linked to the virus.