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Beebe's Beacon is designed to educate, inform, and engage the community we serve.

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Archived Issues of the Beacon

The Beacon is a consumer quarterly color magazine that is distributed throughout Sussex County. Here are the archived issues.

Spring 2018

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Winter 2018

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Fall 2017

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FALL 2016





BEACON - July 2015




BEACON - AUGUST 2014 Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy, Summer Traffic, Beebe HealthyBack, Deep Vein Blood Clots

BEACON - April 2014  Back on the Road Again - Injuries repaired with orthopaedic expertise

BEACON - January 2014  Discovering Courage and Strength - The Battle Against Cancer and Announcing Beebe HealthyBack

BEACON - December 2013 Annual Report - Becoming a highly reliable organization

BEACON - November 2013  Beebe Medical Center Changes Its Name

BEACON - July 2013  Beebe's Breast Health Center: Providing care you can trust

BEACON — May 2013 Beebe Rehab services help patients regain their quality of life

BEACON — January 2013 Recipient of the Healthgrades® Distinguished Hospital Award for Clinical Excellence™ 2013

BEACON — December 2012 Annual Report – Partnering for Better Health

BEACON — October 2012 Women's Health, Virtual Medicine, Teaching Excellence, Beebe Hostesses, Embracing the Future, Honor Roll of Donors

BEACON — July 2012 Cancer Care at Beebe, Beebe Home Health Agency Makes the Difference, Meet Our Palliative Care Consulting Team, Nurses Recognized With Three New Prestigious Awards

BEACON — May 2012 Striving for a Healthier Sussex County, Beebe Introduces Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery

BEACON — February 2012 Excellent People. Excellent Hospital. Beebe receives the 2012 Healthgrades® Distinguished Hospital Award for Clinical Excellence™, Gastrointestinal Services Expand – Minimally Invasive Surgery

BEACON — November 2011 Lifesaving Coronary Intervention, Healthgrades names Beebe among 100 Top US Hospitals for Orthopedics, Beebe Auxiliary Celebrates 75th Anniversary, Generations of Giving to Beebe

BEACON — August 2011 Nursing School Expansion & Transformation, Beebe School of Nursing Celebrates 90 Years, Improving Community Health, Laparoscopic Hysterectomy AT Beebe

BEACON — April 2011 Stroke – Time is Brain, May is Stroke Awareness Month, Beebe Stroke Prevention and Rehabilitation, Beebe Imaging Technology – Providing Faster Patient Care, Beebe Imaging Locations

BEACON — January 2011 Excellent People. Excellent Hospital. Beebe Medical Center receives the 2011 HealthGrades® Distinguished Hospital Award for Clinical Excellence™, Heart Failure, The Hand – A Treatment Option for Dupuytren's Contracture, Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence

BEACON — October 2010 Beebe Nurses – Making a difference in the lives of their patients, Capital Campaign For Expansion of, Beebe School of Nursing, Cancer Care, What it Means to Give Back

BEACON — July 2010 Issue highlights: Community Wellness, Walk-in Care for the Beach Community, Expansion of Services in Millville, A History of Caring for His Community

BEACON — April 2010 Issue highlights: Beebe's Growing Cardiac Program, Advanced Diagnostic Imaging in Millville, Precision, Expertise, & Experience – Laparoscopic Hysterectomies, Building Confidence – Asthma Camp

BEACON — February 2010 Issue highlights: People Make the Difference, Quality Orthopaedic Care, A Leader in Back Surgery, Providing Hope for the Future – Taking Part in the Battle Against Breast Cancer

BEACON — November 2009 Issue highlights: Beebe Orthopaedics Ranked Among the Top 5% in the Nation, Vascular Services at Beebe Medical Center, Shopping With Your Heart in Mind, Digital Mammography, Giving for a Purpose

BEACON — July 2009 Issue highlights: Walk-in Care for the Beach Community, Summer Safety, Beebe's Hospitalist Team, Beebe's Rapid Response Team

BEACON — April 2009 Issue highlights: Live Your Life - Orthopaedic Care at Beebe, Hand Surgery, Talking with your Physician

BEACON — January 2009 Issue highlights: Softer Side of Giving, Beebe School of Nursing - Expand Your Career Options, Experience a Happy Birthday, Endowment - Your Giving Makes the Difference

BEACON — Fall 2008 Issue highlights: Healthy Foods at Beebe, Sleep Disorder Center, Selfless Commitment to our Community — Beebe Medical Center Auxiliary

BEACON — August 2008 Issue highlights: Beebe Opens New Joseph R. Hudson Wing at Hospital, Brain Attack — Recognizing a Stroke, Beebe Stroke Team

BEACON — May 2008 Issue highlights: Medication Safety, Best of the Beach Art Auction, Wound Care Services/Diabetes Management

BEACON — February 2008 Issue highlights: Interventional Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery, Endovascular Repairs, Sleep Disorders

BEACON — January 2008 Issue highlights: Expand your career options with Beebe School of Nursing, 'Tis the Season for Coughs, Fever, Flu, and More, The Medical Executive Committee Plays a Key Role, Your Giving Makes a Difference

BEACON — Fall 2007 Issue highlights: Cancer Care, The Girlfriend Club, The Healing Garden, Accepting the Physical Challenge

BEACON — Summer 2007 Issue highlights: Play Safe – Summer Safety Tips, Beebe Supports Local Highway Safety Campaign, Beebe Medical Center Emergency Department, Construction Update

BEACON — Spring 2007 Issue highlights: Comprehensive Cardiac Care, A Healthy Heart for Every Woman, Comfort and Support – Cardiac Rehabilitation at Beebe, 20th Anniversary of Gull House

BEACON — Winter 2007 Issue highlights: Beebe Ranks in Top 5% of Hospitals for Orthopaedic Services, Millville Weekend Health Center, Physical Therapy, Hospitalists Program

BEACON — Fall 2006 Issue highlights: Beebe Celebrates 90 Years, Keeping Athletes Ready for Action, Convenient Locations for Outpatient Therapy, Thanks To Our Donors

BEACON — Summer 2006 Issue highlights: Hypertension - the Silent Killer, Reaching Out - Beebe Wellness Centers, Quality - A Constant Focus at Beebe

BEACON — Spring 2006 Issue highlights: Minimally Invasive Surgery, Laparoscopic Hysterectomy Available at Beebe, Philanthropy Makes a Difference, Legacy Society

BEACON — Winter 2006 Issue highlights: A Heart-Healthier Community With Angioplasties, Stent Placements, and Open-Heart Surgeries, Beebe Medical Center Begins a New Era, Finding Hope Tunnell Cancer Center to Begin Next Decade in a New, Larger Facility That Staff and Patients Helped Design, Who Decides? End-of-Life Issues Inside the Hospital

BEACON — Fall 2005 Issue highlights: Going the Distance Patient Returns to Beebe to Thank Those Who Saved Him, When Seconds Count, The Sussex County Emergency Medical Services System

BEACON — Summer 2005 Issue highlights: United Souls, E.D. Expansion, Prostate Cancer

BEACON — Spring 2005 Issue highlights: Skin Cancer Awareness, Stroke Rehabilitation, Catch the Spirit of Volunteerism

BEACON — Winter 2005 Issue highlights: Heart Care where Your home is, Knowledge is Power: March is colon cancer awareness month

BEACON — Fall 2004 Issue highlights: Progress for prostate cancer, Planning your healthcar calendar, Back in circulation

BEACON — Summer 2004 Issue highlights: Summer Foot Health, Emergency Care, Treatment for Neuropathy

BEACON — Spring 2004 Issue highlights: Putting the pieces in place, Digital Imaging at Beebe, Outpatient Surgery Options.

BEACON — Winter 2004 Issue highlights: Digital Diagnostic Imaging, The Beebe Health Campus, Case Managers—Beebe's Guardian Angels

BEACON — Fall 2003 Issue highlights: Wellness Coordinators & Wellness Centers, Diabetes Detection & Management, Covering the Bases of Alzheimer's Disease


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